Frequently Asked Questions

Service related questions

Q. How can I use your service?

You will need a computer with operating system installed and connected to the Internet.

Q. Why do I need VPN?

VPN allows privacy over a public network. You will secure all your internet traffic and hide your private details.

Q. Will your service bypass a blocked port in a firewall?

Yes, AnonymizeNet allows bypassing of blocked ports.

Q. How would I access the Internet? Through your service or through my ISP?

You will need to be connected (via your ISP or via a network) to the Internet to use our service.

Q. Do I need any software to connect to your servers? Is it free?

No additional software is required. VPN connection use operating system build in VPN client. We provide detailed VPN setup instructions for Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows and Mac OS X at our Support pages.

Q. Do you assign real IP addresses for users?

All our IP addresses are real (not NATed).

Q. My ISP blocks VoIP. Can I use it with your service?

Yes, VoIP will work through VPN.

Q. Does the IP address you assign look like anonymous proxy addresses? I would not wish others see I use anonymous proxy.

Our IP addresses belong to one of our low profile domains, which do not point to anonymous proxy service.

Q. Do you limit bandwidth usage?

No, we do not limit VPN connection bandwidth.

Q. I would wish to: a/ post in forums, in chats; b/ exchange data using Bit Torrents; c/ play online games. Can I do this anonymously?

Yes, you can. AnonymizeNet VPN connection is like a “virtual” tunnel between the user and our servers. This end-to-end connection hides user's IP and encrypts the entire internet traffic. All Internet applications running in your computer will use this tunnel.

Q. What is the difference between your service, SSH tunneling and Socks?

Our servers will make anonymous the entire Internet traffic originating from your computer. SSH tunneling (Socks proxy) works with some protocols only.

Q. Is it possible to use ssh & sftp through your service?

Yes, it is.

Q. Are the IPs you provide dynamic? Would my IP change and how often?

Our IP addresses are picked dynamically from a pool of IP addresses we have for customers. Usually IP changes for every session, sometime it is the same.

Q. Will my ISP be monitoring the sites I visit?

No, your ISP or your network administrator will not be able to snoop where you go and what you do when you use AnonymizeNet.

Q. Do you list free anonymous proxies?

No, we do not collect free anonymous proxies as VPN technology allows more security and reliability. Public (free) proxies are not reliable and have limited functionality.

Q. I may need a static IP. Can I get it?

Yes, you can. Please contact the support and request it.

Q. Is the entire internet traffic coming through the VPN tunnel secured, regardless the application running on the user's computer?

Yes, it is.

Q. Will it work with web mail? If send messages via Gmail (Yahoo and similar) will my message headers show my real IP?

No, they will not. Our server will provide a new IP.

Q. I need to access some secure HTTPS websites (banking, stock exchange, etc.) will I be able to do it and will my data be secure?

Yes, you will. Besides the VPN encryption, the HTTPS session encrypts traffic between your browser and a secure web server you connect. This server will see only new IP address you will get.

Q. Will your service work on my operating system?

VPN can be installed on Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, FreeBSD and many other OSes. Please contact our Support Staff if you are unsure about your device/operating system.

Q. Can you use my cell phone to connect via VPN?

Yes, you can connect your computer or a notebook via cell phone or a GSM, GPRS, EDGE or 3G modem to our VPN servers. However we recommend a broadband connection for best performance. For iPhone, iPad and Android tablet or smartphone please follow the VPN setup instructions at our Support pages.

Q. Is VPN installation easy?

It is a simple process taking a few minutes only. Please see our Support pages.

Q. What VPN technology do you use?

We use L2TP/IPSec and PPTP VPN.

Q. Does your service slow the files download?

Encrypting data and VPN protocol have some impact on the speed of download. However the delay is not significant, sometimes it is unnoticeable.

Q. What countries do you have your servers in?

In Canada and in Panama (available at request).

Q. Do you allow using more than one VPN connection at a time?

Every customer receives his unique VPN account and he cannot share it. Even if he has two accounts he would need to turn off one to use another one. You would need two computers to use two accounts at the same time.

Q. Some sites I visit require Java and ActiveX to be turned on, which may reveal my IP. Can you help me to access these sites keeping my privacy?

ActiveX or Java may capture the visitor's IP, however as your real IP will be covered; only our server IP can be captured.

Q. Do you alter or remove cookies and Java? Can I keep the referrer URL?

VPN software does not control cookies, Java or referrer URL. Every user decides how to manage cookies or control Java on his computer.

Q. Is your service legal?

Please consult the lawer if you are not sure VPN is legal in your country. Note, VPN servers have been used by businesses for decades to secure corporate networks. We offer a cost-effective solution for private persons.

Q. I am your client now. Would it be possible for someone to find out what sites I visited before I became your client?

The trails you have on your computer can be deleted. However you will not be able to delete the trails you left on the sites you visited earlier or the email messages headers you sent.

Q. Is it possible to use AnonymizeNet in public places on public computers (Internet cafe, a library, etc.).

It will not be possible to get connected without VPN software installed on the computer.

Q. Will I need any antivirus software (e.g. a firewall) to protect my computer?

Firewalls are still needed. Firewall is not included with VPN client we provide. We recommend using antivirus software, including firewalls to protect your computer.

Q. Can I turn on or off my VPN connection when I need it?

Yes, you can connect or disconnect any time you wish.

Q. Can I use your service in China, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Iran, etc.?

You can be anyplace. You will only need a computer connected to the Internet.