Frequently Asked Questions

Privacy Policy and Terms of Service

Q. I have a question about the installation or about troubleshooting of VPN software...

To solve technical issues please visit our Support pages or simply contact our staff.

Q. Please list the activities you do not allow.

The following is absolutely NOT allowed:

  • bulk or mass mailing of any kind;
  • unauthorized access to any computer or a network;
  • theft and fraud committed using a credit card;
  • distribution of child pornography.

We reserve the right to close any account violating the above rules. No refund will be paid.

Q. How long do you keep logs of your clients' activities?

We do not log the customers' activities. We only collect data necessary for our technical needs and to maintain the security of our service. We will monitor abusive patterns, i.e. spamming, hacking, port scanning. These data contain no personal information and they are destroyed shortly after collection. More information is on our Privacy Policy page.

Q. Are you or any other company having a financial interest in AnonymizeNet, affiliated with or funded, either directly or indirectly, by any law enforcement agency or government agency?

No, we are not connected in any way with law enforcement or government.

Q. Would you reveal your client identity if there is a court order?

We have no information re. our customers' identity or their activities. There will be nothing to reveal.