Frequently Asked Questions

The Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ – are divided into four different topics. The list of topics related to VPN proxy with brief overview of the questions answered is below. The FAQ is intended for both first time visitors having presales questions and the customers already using our VPN proxy service.

General VPN service questions
Basic information about anonymous proxy services provided. What we do, what will you need to start using the service. Please read this topic before you consider subscribing.

Technical topics
How anonymous VPN works, what will you need to start using it and how to troubleshoot proxy issues. Pros and cons of using true “IP proxy” services. Some additional info for technically savvy customers.

Billing related questions
Brief description of traditional and anonymous payment methods, how to subscribe for the service and how to cancel the subscription.

Anonymize.Net Privacy Policy and Terms of Service explained
Our policies and practices explained in human-readable form. It is important to understand that this FAQ do not replace our official Privacy Policy and Terms of Services. Please read them before subscribing.

If you do not find answers to your questions or you have any further concerns, please contact the Anonimize.Net support staff.