Use Cases

Sending emails over VPN – will it work?

People send email messages using either a web based mail, e.g. Hotmail, AOL, or through email software they have on their computers, e.g. Thunderbird or Outlook (using IMAP, SMTP). In both cases the email messages travel insecurely from the sender's computer to the mail server somewhere in the internet where they stay in simple .txt format until delivered to the recipient. Receiving messages is done in the same insecure way (using POP, IMAP and web mail) with no protection for the senders' details or messages content. This may lead to the invasion of privacy resulting in identity theft (fabrication the sender's details) and message content compromising (altering the message).

Connecting over the VPN tunnel the sender/receiver secures the email message on the way to and from the VPN server only. This means that email will travel openly when it leaves the VPN server.

To ensure full security for email messages a special email service should be used, e.g. Mutemail. This service allows sending secure and anonymous emails both through clients' email software Thunderbird, Outlook or similar, and via web based mail interface. Mutemail processes the received messages removing the message headers containing clients' information and routes all mail over a secure SSL encrypted connection thus ensuring complete privacy and anonymity for the email message senders.