Use Cases

Enhance the security – protect your data

Securing your Internet connection when connecting to our vpn servers cannot be underestimated if you work from an insecure place with public wi-fi network (hot spots in a hotel, restaurant, airport, etc.) “Insecure” means that such places do not use any special means to protect the data sent by users. Free hot spots are exposing your data. Paid hot spots are no better, unfortunately. Insecure connection can lead to identity theft, capturing of sensitive company or personal information.

The VPN connection establishes a snoop proof tunnel between your computer and our VPN server – end-to-end connection. All data sent will be encrypted. Sniffers will not be able to capture your login details and monitor private information.

VPN solution is the most preferred technology for secure networking today. Almost all corporate, government, many of educational networks are protected with VPN. Major manufacturers of contemporary network gadgets (smartphones, tablets, etc.) integrate VPN with their devices.