Use Cases

Protect your identity

Every internet user has a specific internet ID called IP address. The IP is what your ISP (Internet Service Provider) assigns you when you use their network (i.e. when you connect to the Internet). This IP bears the information about the ISP location (which is your location also) and the contact details. You can see it here. Most of the sites you visit capture these details for their statistics and store them for long (all search engines and many commercial sites use them for planning their marketing activities also).

Once you connect to our VPN you will get a new IP address. We provide a Canadian IP or an IP in Panama. Your previous IP will be hidden, not available for recording and invulnerable for direct attacks during your VPN session.

Sometimes, when you travel and connect from a country with high internet fraud level, you will have fewer problems in reaching your goal using a neutral IP in Canada (than, say in Nigeria).

VPN may bring you a little bonus if you use VOIP (e.g. Skype) frequently for calls in Northern America. You will save on every call as the VOIP operator will bill your calls as made within +1 dialing code zone, i.e. much cheaper than they bill overseas calls.